Plants and Wildlife

Bruce Power is home to a naturally diverse environment that contains more than 235 species of plants and more than 270 species of wildlife. The wildlife includes 150 bird species, 15 kinds of reptiles and amphibians, 15 types of mammals and 90 varieties of fish.

Our Environmental Management System provides us with the necessary tools and programs to protect native species of plants and wildlife and the habitats that support them.

Environmental Monitoring

Every year, we monitor all aspects of the environment surrounding our facility, including the air, water, land, vegetable gardens, wild animals (including fish) and even milk and meat from local livestock to ensure there are no adverse impacts and that we are being the best neighbour possible.

The Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) carries out sampling and analysis in the area of water, precipitation, aquatic samples (including fish, sediment and sand), terrestrial samples (including animal products, vegetation and soils), external gamma radiation in air, and tritium and Carbon-14 in air, both from off and on-site locations.


Closing coal-fired power plants represents one of the largest greenhouse gas reduction initiatives in North America。  Phasing out coal from our generation stack has eliminated more than 30 mega tonnes of annual GHG emissions, equivalent to taking seven million vehicles off our roads。

Waste Management

银河彩票投注Bruce Power manages and fully funds storage and disposal of its radioactive waste in partnership with Ontario Power Generation (OPG). We comply with all waste regulations and requirements of the relevant Federal, Provincial and Municipal authorities.

Environment Publications

Read more about how Bruce Power works to protect the environment 

Emergency Preparedness

As part of our Operating License, Bruce Power maintains a robust and multi-faceted emergency response program. Learn more 

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